Some teams made moves they might not have made, if they'd known the cap would be $255.4 million

It's generally good news for every team — and for all players — that the salary cap has jumped 13.6 percent, to $255.4 million. It would have been better news if the news had come sooner.

As one source with extensive experience when it comes to managing the cap explained it, some teams might have made moves that they wouldn't have needed to make, if they'd known the cap would be $255.4 million. Whether players being released or contracts being restructured, teams that expected a lower cap might not have done the things they've done in recent days.

It's believed that the increase will cause an explosion at the top of the market at the various positions and will cause a significant jump in the upper middle, too.

With the Scouting Combine — a/k/a Tampering Central — starting next week, it means that all teams will now be able to finalize whatever they can offer to current players who are due to become free agents, and what they will offer (unofficially) to the agents of players who will hit free agency in less than three weeks.