Team USA goofs around on its way to the gold (VIDEO)

After a month's worth of practice, scrimmages, exhibition, travel and games; of course the 2012 version of Team USA's Men's Basketball outfit would have some missteps and quips to share with us. Of course, the ultra-clean NBA is in charge of documenting those quips and missteps -- those quipsteps -- so the resulting on-record document of Team USA's various fulminations might not be as entertaining as your typical blooper video.

Heck, they may not be bloopers at all; despite a title that includes the word "bloopers." And the word "heck" may even be too strong for this clearly-scrubbed compilation. We weren't exactly looking for an R-rated and expletive-filled game to 11 (win by two) between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James (Kobe can't order lunch without the R-rating taking hold), but it would have been nice to see something a little more daring.

As it stands, click the jump for some Team USA "bloopers."

Our favorite is probably Andre Iguodala's dry sense of humor regarding Anthony Davis' dodgy outside touch, taken in from the sidelines of this Jerry Colangelo-approved joint. A muttered run of fun that will no doubt serve him well as he takes to working under George Karl in Denver.

Considering how fun Team USA's 2012 drive to gold was, and how warmly we'll remember it, a video like this is hardly an appropriate recollection. These goofs are just part of the story, though, until the official DVD pops out and makes the NBA a few more million bucks.

You don't have to buy that one, either. Just bask in how entertaining and fulfilling this tumble towards the gold medal was.