Team Evangers comes through for student with brain tumor

Mar. 22—LEWISTON — Cheering and laughter erupted Friday morning as students and staff at McMahon Elementary School danced in the stands to loud music during a special assembly for student Evan Grenier and a staff versus students basketball game.

Soon after the game ended, all was quiet as sixth grade teacher Jennifer Jordan shared her story of battling cancer. She spoke of her journey, from denial and anger to hope and healing, wanting to inspire others.

Among those she wanted to encourage was her student, Grenier, who had just returned to school after months of battling a brain tumor. She presented him with a medal she received after completing the Boston Marathon, a goal she set to accomplish after surviving her cancer.

Amid the cheers and the sight of many wearing green Team Evangers T-shirts, Evan stood in the middle of the gym, soaking it all in, surrounded by his family and teacher. The shy student didn't quite know what to make of it and was at a loss for words but obviously humbled.

His sister, also a student at McMahon gathered her friends and classmates, grabbed the big check, and posed for photos with them.

Evan's mother, Monica Grenier, turned away and wiped a steady stream of tears from her cheeks.

Standing with the family and Jordan, Superintendent Jake Langlais held up a giant check representing money staff, students and friends collected to help the family with ongoing expenses.

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