What team would be the best fantasy fit for Matthew Stafford in 2021?

Andy Behrens, Scott Pianowski & Matt Harmon discuss soon-to-be former Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford. With Stafford & the team reportedly parting ways this offseason and Detroit already hearing trade offers, where should the former number one overall pick play in 2021 to maximize his golden years and provide a QB-needy team with an upgrade?

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Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: Matt Harmon, how do you propose that we get Matthew Stafford to the Washington Football Team?

MATT HARMON: Yeah, this was-- this has been something I've been talking about for a little bit now. I would love to see it. I have no idea if it will happen. But I also love, too, that, I think since we talked about this idea, Washington has made the move to bring in Martin Mayhew, the general manager that drafted Matthew Stafford number one overall in Detroit all those years ago. There is some connective tissue there, which I think makes sense. And it's just a team that's, like, crying, I think, for a veteran quarterback. I don't think Ron Rivera wants to mess around with a young guy. Typically, when you've got defense like this you want to strike while the iron's hot and you don't want to mess around. I don't know. It's still one of my favorite landing spots for Stafford, who is obviously, as you're alluding to, officially trying to get out of Detroit.

ANDY BEHRENS: He would actually-- I was just going through his-- his Pro Football reference page. If not for the Jim Bob Cooter years, Matt Stafford would be on, like, an 80,000 yard, 85,000 yard pace or something like that. He slipped off of it a little bit. But he's almost certainly going to be a 70,000 yard quarterback. I just want to see him land in any spot with sort of a ready-to-go receiving core. Scott, what is your dream destination for Matthew Stafford?

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I don't know if they have the pieces to make it fit, but I just think about that Denver skill position collection of talent. You know, they get Sutton back, Jeudy and Fant. And they have some quality running backs. They don't have the quarterback. I don't know if they're-- if it makes sense for them cap-wise, if it makes sense for them trade asset-wise. I also think the 49ers, they seem to be ready to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo. And any time you can get a quarterback upgrade for an offensive designer like Kyle Shanahan.

Stafford, I'm just happy to see him-- he's been in a bad relationship with Detroit. I mean, he's always been a good guy, good soldier, respected person, the city and everything, but it's time for him to go somewhere. You know, go to the farm upstate, you know, where he can run around and--


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: --you know, play in the grass and all that. And Detroit can start over. So I would love to see-- in the expanded playoff fold next year, I would love to see Matthew Stafford actually playing some important games. And I look forward to the uncomfortable, is Matthew Stafford really a Hall of Famer, discussion that we're probably going to have in five or six years.

MATT HARMON: I don't understand any fan base that has that-- you know, that suffered with Alex Smith last year, or has gone through the Jimmy Garoppolo experience, or even if you're a Patriots fan and, like, you've got Cam Newton for a year, why you wouldn't see Stafford as-- whether you think he's a top 10 quarterback or an elite guy-- I don't think he's either one of those things personally. But he absolutely changes the trajectory of your franchise if you bring him in. And for fantasy, like, man, again, Terry McLaurin, Logan Thomas, Antonio Gibson. I want to love all of these guys so hard next year. A guy like Stafford would really be the icing on that cake.