Teacher sings Spice Girls song to get students to 'stop talking and listen'

A teacher is using the Spice Girls to reach her students, and it's kind of brilliant. Nat is a teacher in South Florida, and she isn't afraid to get a little unconventional if it means her students are learning. "Ways I get my kids to stop talking and listen," Nat wrote in the TikTok caption. "Yo, I'll tell you what I want / what I really, really want," Nat sang, reciting her own updated lyrics to "Wannabe" . "So tell me what you want / what you really, really want," a chorus of students sang back. "I want you to get your lunchbox and your lanyard and line up at the door in number order," Nat told them. "Capisce?" . "Capisce," the students said back. The touching video garnered over 22.2 million views. TikTokers appreciated Nat's effort with her classroom. "We need more teachers like her. Hands down, amazing," one user said