Teacher shares first day of kindergarten photos — 30 years apart

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Your first day of kindergarten is a special

occasion — photos are taken by eager parents, friends are made and, sometimes, tears are shed.

One Canadian woman is now reliving

that experience 30 years later —

from the other side of the classroom.

Reddit user dragonbornsqrl shared photos of herself

on May 5, showing what she looked like on her first day of school as a child and on her first day of school as a teacher.

The photo racked up

over 100,000 upvotes.

plus a lot of questions about the apparent delay in the 40-something Redditor’s journey toward becoming a teacher.

She later explained that she first pursued a degree in business but “hated it” and decided to return to college for her degree in education.

The teacher also opened up about the difficulties she faces instructing young children while schools across the globe are shuttered to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“I love my job and online teaching is killing me,” she wrote .

“Not the work the lack of interaction. My job is full of hugs, laughter, tears and song. Right now I’m getting none of the perks. I miss my Carebears!”

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