Teacher in hysterics over students' answers to extra credit question

Shannon Wessel (@ms.wessel), a high school biology teacher in Washington state, took to TikTok to share the answers she received from her students ... . ... after prompting them to make her laugh for a few extra points on a recent quiz, an idea she derived from @funny_math_teacher. “Here are some of the jokes they came up with,” Wessel began. “A biology teacher grew human vocal cords from stem cells in the lab? The results speak for themselves,” she laughed. “What’s the best thing about Switzerland? I honestly have no idea, but the flag is a big plus,” she continued. “What does a chicken say when he sees lettuce? Chicken sees-a salad”. And the punchlines kept coming, to the bemusement of TikTok viewers. “Smart kids! Bet they all got extra credit!” one user commented on the video. “These are awesome! You have a very funny group of kids,” wrote another