Ah, to feel Young again

Before we unveil Terry Bowden's new Sweet 16 rankings, Yahoo! Sports' college football analyst breaks down the weekend's two biggest games, Texas' win at Ohio State and Notre Dame's upset of Michigan.

Texas 25, Ohio State 22
Before the season began, I told you Vince Young could beat you with his legs and his arm. If you doubted me about that before, you'd better not doubt me now.

After Young gained 52 yards on three carries during Texas' opening possession, Ohio State made the decision to have its linebackers focus on stopping Young's running ability. From that point on, Young proved to everyone why he is a Heisman Trophy candidate and why he can lead Texas to a national championship.

You can talk all you want about his unusual passing form, but you can't criticize the results. Vince Young is the reason Texas beat Ohio State.

For the second week of this season, this was a classic game, one of the best nonconference games we'll see all year. Texas pulled out a victory when all the odds were against it.

Although Ohio State moved the ball time and time again with both quarterbacks Justin Zwick and Troy Smith, the Longhorn defense forced the Buckeyes to kick field goals. Ultimately, OSU's one missed field-goal attempt in the fourth quarter opened the door for Texas to win.

Down six with five minutes left and more than 105,000 fans cheering for him to fail, Young showed the poise of a championship quarterback. He drove the Longhorns down the field, and with the Buckeyes pressuring him with everything they had, Young lobbed a perfect pass to Limas Sweed in the corner of the end zone for the touchdown that set up the go-ahead extra point.

Folks, this wasn't just a good pass, it was a great pass.

I cannot tell you how much I was impressed by Young's talent and poise. Texas put the game on his shoulders – against a team with a ton of ability and a great linebacking corps. And he came through.

So what's next? Texas will beat Oklahoma and play for the national championship. After Michigan's dismal showing against Notre Dame and Iowa's eye-opening loss at Iowa State, I see nobody stopping Ohio State from winning the Big Ten.

Notre Dame 17, Michigan 10
I don't know whether to be more excited about Notre Dame's defense or disappointed about Michigan's offense. I really thought Michigan would win this game after losing last year at Notre Dame. I thought Michigan would improve the defense that played poorly at the end of last season, and the Wolverines would have a bright future.

But after watching this game, the future is about Notre Dame. The present is about why Michigan can't get over the hump.

Charlie Weis' offense jumped on Michigan with a magnificent first drive, and the Irish never trailed. Brady Quinn kept looking more like Weis' other Brady quarterback, Tom Brady, while Michigan quarterback Chad Henne looked lost against a surprisingly impressive Notre Dame defense.

Although Michael Hart was injured early, Michigan has too many weapons on offense to have let Notre Dame dominate as it did. You can give the credit to Notre Dame defensive coordinator Rick Minter or the blame to the unbearable conservative play calling by Michigan. Both resulted in this victory for Notre Dame.

The Irish are 2-0, and a special season now seems a lot more likely than it did two weeks ago. A BCS spot is a possibility. Michigan must look in the mirror and wonder how so much talent cannot produce a better showing in a big game at home.