Taylor Heinicke thanks Washington fans, Ron Rivera

Taylor Heinicke officially departed the Washington Commanders last week for his hometown Atlanta Falcons. It wasn’t as easy decision. And while Heinicke is more than thrilled to be returning to his hometown, as he put it last week, he is also leaving his home.

In an interview after signing his contract, Heinicke said he was a “little heartbroken” to leave Washington. The man loved Washington, his coaches, his teammates, the community and, most importantly, the fans.

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Saying goodbye hasn’t been easy for one of the most popular players in recent Washington history. Heinicke took to his Instagram after agreeing to terms with the Falcons, but he still had more to say to those he left behind.

On Wednesday, Heinicke wrote to Washington in a post titled “Thank you, Washington,” at The Players’ Tribune. Heinicke thanked the fans and head coach Ron Rivera.

On the fans:

And, honestly, during my time in Washington, that was one of the main things that I kept coming back to again and again: how fortunate I was to land on a team with a fan base like this one — and in a city that loves football as much as you all.

Look, I’m not gonna lie: It’s heartbreaking to be leaving. I’m getting emotional just sitting here thinking about it. This team, and the people of Washington, I just cannot thank you guys enough for the support and encouragement you showed me.


He acknowledged the ending was a little rocky, but appreciated everything Rivera did for him over the years.

And I do want to give a special thanks to Coach Rivera. Obviously the end of the road for me in Washington was a little bit rocky, with how it all went down, but I want everyone to know that there’s no hard feelings. I’m very grateful for the opportunities Coach Rivera gave me over the years. For him trusting me and believing in me again and again.

Heinicke’s letter showed a little bit of everything. He was humble, thankful and appreciative. He also wasn’t afraid to acknowledge his shortcomings on the field.

I know who I am. I don’t have the strongest arm. I throw a decent amount of picks. I do some dumb stuff sometimes out there. I cop to all that. It’s true. But I also fight like hell. And I know how to get W’s. So, at the end of the day, I hope that I still gave you all something to cheer for.


How can you not love this guy?

The Commanders did well to sign Jacoby Brissett in free agency. On the field, Brissett is an upgrade over Heinicke. But make no mistake, Heinicke will live on in the hearts of Washington fans for years.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire