Target Love, Young as late-round best ball picks

The Rotoworld Football Show crew debates drafting Jordan Love, Bryce Young, Adam Thielen, Sam LaPorta and other notable late-round picks while participating in a live best ball draft.

Video Transcript

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: I will start sweating, like visibly on air, if we don't take Jordan Love soon. Because basically, we've staked the entire reputation of our website on getting Jordan Love.

DENNY CARTER: Wait, wait, wait.

KYLE DVORCHAK: We've given ourselves the out of Bryce Young as well though.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Well, we did. We didn't take Thielen. In fact, no one's taken Thielen. Should I take him?

KYLE DVORCHAK: We have Mingo, do we not? We have Mingo.


KYLE DVORCHAK: He's the one you want. Imagine if Adam Thielen gets 140 targets. That means Bryce Young is averaging 4.2 yards per attempt. Those are not high-value targets.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Hey, guess what--

KYLE DVORCHAK: Mingo's sick. He's big, fast.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Guess what, we also have Diontae Johnson with the Pickett fence, guys.

DENNY CARTER: No, no. Please, no.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: No, no, I would retire before taking him.

DENNY CARTER: I can't be part of this. I'd have to quit the podcast.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: We have one guy in the queue, and it's Adam Thielen. I don't know what to do,

DENNY CARTER: Yeah, can you--

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: On the clock now.

DENNY CARTER: OK, all right.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Receiver, Thielen, Alec Pierce, Michael Gallup, KJ Osborn, DJ Chark, DPJ, MVS, Rashid Shaheed Oh, man. What do I do, Kyle? Tell me what to do.

KYLE DVORCHAK: Denny says take Adam Thielen. I think that's a--


KYLE DVORCHAK: --heinous thing to do.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: This is actually--

DENNY CARTER: No, you take him.


DENNY CARTER: When you're young and--

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Rashid Shaheed-- oh, man.

DENNY CARTER: No, no, no.

KYLE DVORCHAK: I think Shaheed would have been a worse pick. I--

DENNY CARTER: When you're young and idealistic, you want the big, athletic dudes.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: OK, here's the deal. Oh, my God, this is bad news. We're 15 picks away. Quarterbacks are starting to go again. We're down to Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, Derek Carr, Jordan Love.


PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Is it Jordan-- oh, my God. Oh, my God, two quarterbacks just went. We might be screwed.

DENNY CARTER: Yeah. Yeah, no, we're done. We're not going to get Love, but we have Bryce Young.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Hold on. Are they stealing--

DENNY CARTER: We're not going to get--

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Oh, my God, they're all going. We're done.

KYLE DVORCHAK: We did just get a run of four quarterbacks


KYLE DVORCHAK: --in like six picks.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: We're done. 11 picks away.

DENNY CARTER: Still, I was going to maybe gently suggest that Jordan Love should have been the pick, but it seemed like you were really set on not taking a quarterback.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: No, I wasn't. If you had said that-- I took Adam Thielen because of you.


PATRICK DAUGHERTY: I would have gladly taken a quarterback.

DENNY CARTER: Sorry. I apologize then.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Triggered much, Pat?

DENNY CARTER: Well, hopefully, someone will take Matthew Stafford over Jordan Love.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Man. Oh, Kenny Pickett's out there too. He's the doomsday option.

DENNY CARTER: And then there's Trey Lance, who will get zero starts this year. Hopefully, someone goes with him.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: That's true. Can we stack CJ Stroud with anybody? Brandin Cooks not on the Texans anymore, so--


KYLE DVORCHAK: Tank Dell's good.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: That's a good point. Putting Tank Dell in the queue, actually. No, basically, we're just listening-- if you're listening, we are in round 13. We have--

DENNY CARTER: Nico Collins.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: We have Jalen Hurts, Travis Etienne, Aaron Jones, Elijah Mitchell, AJ Brown, Christian Watson, Diontae Johnson, Brandin Cooks, Elijah Moore, Jonathon Mingo, Adam Thielen-- I just threw up a bit-- Dallas Goedert. And were are waiting--

DENNY CARTER: Might want to look at some tight ends. Might want to look at some tight ends.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: We're waiting with-- so you're in a town, let's say, that's been under siege for two months. You think the invading force is finally about to break through the city walls. You're waiting with a sense of sick anticipation. That's basically where we are. I'm also reading a book about the Civil War. I was just reading about the Siege of Vicksburg. And we're waiting with sick anticipation to see if Jordan Love or Bryce Young will go.

DENNY CARTER: This is your Vicksburg is what you're saying.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: It is my Vicksburg. No, it's not. Because Vicksburg needed to fall.

DENNY CARTER: OK, well then it's not. Hey, by the way, can you-- let's get Taysom Hill on board. Come on.



KYLE DVORCHAK: He's demanding it now.


DENNY CARTER: Just Taysom Hill. It's an easy pick.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Pretty simple. Pretty simple. We have some rules around here. We don't have many rules, but there are some.

KYLE DVORCHAK: All right, Pat, it looks like your quarterback is going to make it to you. Personally, here--

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Don't jinx it. Oh, yeah, this guy's got two quarterbacks. All right, he's making it.

DENNY CARTER: Oh, no, not the next one.

KYLE DVORCHAK: I'm mushing it. I'm mushing it. We lost-- we got him. We got Bryce Young, folks. We're like the Lions when they took Jahmyr Gibbs we're all celebrating. I'm wearing a Lions hoodie, in fact.

DENNY CARTER: Are you taking Jordan Love?

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: No, he's gone. He went.

KYLE DVORCHAK: He just went. I almost mushed it.

DENNY CARTER: Oh, he just went?

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: So we're taking Bryce Young. All right, that's fine.

KYLE DVORCHAK: We did it, folks. We landed on the moon of this rookie quarterback, who-- rookie quarterbacks, famously successful, especially when they have a 39-year-old tight end as their receiver one. Love to see it, folks. Give it up for us.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: All right, five picks away. We're either taking Rashid Shaheed for big plays. I've been told this is best ball. I was told this is best ball. I thought you liked big plays. All of a sudden, you're telling me not to draft Rashid Shahid? Curious.

DENNY CARTER: We do like big plays. You're right.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: But Denny said he wanted to look at tight end. Irv Smith, Juwan Johnson, Sam LaPorta, who Denny has been proselytizing.


PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Gerald Everett, Dawson Knox, Taysom Hill, Michael Mayer, Mike Gesicki. Are we taking Irv Smith, Sam LaPorta, or Rashid Shaheed? Those are the choices for this pick.

DENNY CARTER: I don't like Shaheed. I mean, I would wait till Taysom--

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Should I take DJ Chark now that we have Bryce Young?

DENNY CARTER: Holy cow. Three receivers? I don't know, man.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Seems excessive.

DENNY CARTER: I don't know. Let's not get insane.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Marvin Mims. I'm putting Marvin Mims and Rondale Moore in the queue.

KYLE DVORCHAK: Oh, yeah, we got to eventually go back for Rondale Moore to get our week 17 stack or whatever.


KYLE DVORCHAK: We got time to take Rondale. Lots of receivers on the board. Denny, pick your favorite tight end. You want LaPorta or Irv Smith?

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Let's take LaPorta. Oh, he's gone. So no.

KYLE DVORCHAK: Denny you want Irv Smith or get off the show?

DENNY CARTER: Yeah, Irv Smith. Yeah, let's do Irv Smith.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: What team-- he's on the Bengals now, huh? Has he played in any of the past three seasons, Irv Smith?

DENNY CARTER: He was actually quite good last year.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: We just took him. He actually wasn't that good, and he only played like six games.

DENNY CARTER: I know, but--

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: He was so bad that they traded for TJ Hockenson.


KYLE DVORCHAK: Other than that, Denny, how was the play?

DENNY CARTER: Hockenson is not good. They just like him. They just like him personally.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Irv Smith was so bad that they traded for TJ Hockenson and made him the NFL targets leader, Denny.

KYLE DVORCHAK: Yeah, I disagree with this Hockenson is no good stuff. Again, it's the simple rule. A guy whose job is to catch passes, do they throw the ball to him? Do they throw the ball to him? You know what they did last year?


KYLE DVORCHAK: Threw the ball to him.

DENNY CARTER: They do. And I like Hockenson as a fantasy player, yeah.

KYLE DVORCHAK: Not as a person, clearly, but--

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Tell you what--

DENNY CARTER: Personally, I'm disgusted. No, I'm kidding. But he's just-- he's just a catch and fall down guy. But he does it well.