Tana Mongeau Gives a Shoutout to Tara Electra for Making Her Millions of Dollars

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 7, 2020 / Tara Electra, boss lady of Unruly Agency, has built her empire off her network of celebrities and influencers. The phrase "Your network is your net worth" holds true when you see what Tara has built. Led by her strong business intuition and a motivated heart, Tara is the woman behind every executive decision.

Tara's work ethic is unmatched, which has helped her create a massive network in Los Angeles. She was recently given a shoutout on Instagram by Tana Mongeau for "making her millions of dollars." Tara hasn't spoken out on the subject, but it would not surprise us to know that this was due to the multi-million-dollar business deals she has created for her talent. She has been able to turn those relationships into multi-million-dollar businesses.

Tara Electra, known as @taruhhh on Instagram, has been seen alongside many celebrities. She's seen in the mix of their wildest nights and outings at festivals and parties, as well as their biggest meetings for deals in assisting building their careers. Tara seems to be behind the scenes of some of the most viral brand campaigns across social media and is known very well among the influencer community as well as followed on social media by the biggest stars on the internet.

We see the talents across the internet building their multi-million-dollar deals but dont always know who is behind the scenes, making those opportunities a reality for these internet stars. From what we have seen on social media, the talent keeps Tara very close as she seems to be the go-to person for their next big move.

We are eager to see what Tara Electra will capitalize on next in her career. Follow her on Instagram to see more.

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