Talkin' Blazers podcast: Unconventional Thanksgivings and the return of a big man's game


Holidays for professional athletes are, at times, less than glamourous than others. They fall during the middle of road trips, during the playoffs. Sports have become synomymous events with holidays. 

On the latest Talkin' Blazers podcast, Channing Frye shares what Thanksgiving would look like for him. 

"We usually play on Thanksgiving," Channing said. "I've had some low Thanksgivings..."

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On the road, Channing might find himself eating chicken noodle soup and hot wings. 

But when he is home, Frye said he and his family does Chicken & Waffles for breakfast. "It's a big thing our kids like." 

"I don't know where that came from. But our kids love it!"


Now, to basketball... 


Pace of play is the fastest it's been since the early 80's. Is it sustainable?

"If you look at the guys in the 80's they weren't very good scorers, so you had to get up and down in transition."

"Now, for most teams, your offense doesn't need to find the point guard to bring it up the court. When you have that many shooters, that many skilled guys in the league, you do yourself a disservice if you slow the game down, because you're not getting the full potential out of everybody."

Frye said it will slow down, though, because the league is turning back into a big man's league. 

However, a lot of rules that have been installed in recent memory has been to legislate against the big man. 

So, what's the tipping point?

Plus, Channing riffs about the dynamic of players in the NBA.

Everybody in the NBA is sort of psycho. What is extraordinary to us is normal for them...

Listen to the latest episode of Talkin' Blazers with Channing Frye and Dan Sheldon:

Talkin' Blazers podcast: Unconventional Thanksgivings and the return of a big man's game originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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