Talkin' Beavers: Scott Rueck helped vault Oregon State onto the national stage

Lindsey Wisniewski
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In this week's episode of Talkin' Beavers, Beavers Insider Ron Callan is joined by Oregon State women's basketball coach Scott Rueck. 

Rueck, in his 10th year with Oregon State, has helped vault the women's basketball program onto the national stage. The Beavers made it to the Final Four in 2016, Round of 32 in 2017, Elite 8 in 2018 and Sweet 16 in 2019. 

In the Talkin' Beavers podcast, Rueck dishes out his advice for coaches starting out, talks about how he keeps his team focused through injuries and setbacks, and why he hopes two former Beavers will land on one WNBA roster. 

He also discusses the growth of women's basketball, calling it "remarkable." He credits networks such as ESPN and Pac-12 for the increased visibility of women's hoops. He says all of the Beavers games can be viewed on television. 

Once you start to watch, you start to learn, you start to understand who these people are and what incredible athletes they are, how dedicated they are. Once it becomes personal for you, it sucks you in, to where you just can't get enough of it.

Rueck also shares with Callan why it's integral for him to develop real connections with all of his players. He says he aims to help them grow individually, seeing themselves as they really are, as well as open their eyes to new things. But most importantly for Rueck, he wants his team to know they are family. 

"They are family and that's what we do," Rueck said. "I see this team as my sister, my nieces, my, I guess I'm old enough now, I can say daughters, which is weird to say. That's how I view them. I'm responsible for them." 

You can listen to the full podcast below:

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Talkin' Beavers: Scott Rueck helped vault Oregon State onto the national stage originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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