The Talk - Evan Ross Discusses Family and Daughter Recording with Mom, Diana Ross

Singer and actor Evan Ross opens up about new son Ziggy meeting cousin Birdie for the first time. "Birdie was so good with Ziggy...she took care of him the whole day. It was nice being able to see them; we all had to quarantine." Ross also shares how daughter [Jagger] has a talent for show business. "If you're around her, she's performing, so she's obviously got that thing...I remember we went to see Mom [Diana Ross] in Vegas...we were walking backstage because we knew the show, the ending, and I had looked to my side and she had already beelined all the way across the middle of the stage just to come perform with Mom...I think it's just in her blood." Ross reveals his mom and daughter recorded together too. "I know that day they went to the studio, she was singing along with Mom and I know they recorded it. I don't know if it's being used or what, but I know they recorded it. Mom's been doing her thing. She's making some great music right now. I can't wait to hear more."