The Talk - Bradley Whitford on 'generous' Stephen Sondheim; It was 'honor' Portraying Him

Wednesday on "The Talk" actor Bradley Whitford opens up about the passing of Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim and portraying him in the film "Tick, Tick...Boom." "I never got to meet him. Like a lot of young actors in 80s I got to see him speak...All of American theatre that we are familiar with would not exist without him. His guy blew open what the American theatre and the musical could contain." Whitford adds, "We would not have met Johnathan Larson. We would never had seen 'Rent'. We would not have Lin-Manuel Miranda. We never would have seen 'Hamilton'. Not only would we've not seen those shows, we would not have opened up storytelling if not for this amazing, generous human being. It was an honor to pretend to be him."