Takeoff with John Clark: Jeremiah Trotter Sr. and Jr. on NFL Draft

Takeoff with John Clark: Jeremiah Trotter Sr. and Jr. on NFL Draft originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Jeremiah Trotter Sr. will never forget the first time he saw his son pull out the Axe Man celebration at Clemson.

“Tears. I remember it like it was yesterday,” Trotter Sr. said on the latest Takeoff with John Clark podcast. “I’ll never forget it. I was out of the country and just watching the game and he just made a tackle for loss on the quarterback and he just rolled right out of it, man, like he had been doing it all the time.

“He just dropped it and it was so smooth. And I wasn’t expecting it because he had never did it his whole career. When he did it, it was a truly special moment for me. Seeing him show homage to his dad, it meant a lot.”

Trotter Sr. is a legend in Philadelphia. The Eagles took him in the third round of the 1998 draft and he had a career that landed him in the Eagles Hall of Fame.

Now his son, Jeremiah Trotter Jr., is ready to be drafted into the NFL after a great career at Clemson and before that St. Joseph’s Prep.

Father and son sat down with NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark recently to talk about their relationship and Trotter Jr.’s upcoming jump to the NFL.

“I modeled my game after him,” Trotter Jr. said. “I try to pull from guys and he was one of the first guys I would watch and try to pull from his game. He taught me a lot about what to apply to my game. I just tried to learn, soak it all in and do the best I can to get better at it. The axe chop that was just a testament to him and just shows that I appreciate him, I appreciate everything he did. It’s the legacy he built.”

Trotter Jr., 21, is expected to be a Day 2 pick in next month’s draft. And, if you’re wondering, he did have a formal interview with the Eagles at the combine last month.

Listen to the full podcast here or watch below:

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