Takeaways from Mets acting GM Zack Scott, including thoughts on Dom Smith's versatility in LF

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Colin Martin
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Zack Scott Citi Field TREATED ART
Zack Scott Citi Field TREATED ART

Zack Scott spoke to the media on Friday via Zoom for the first time as Mets acting GM, and addressed questions regarding his role, the team's outfield lineup, and being opportunistic to improve the roster even more.

How his role has changed

"It's changed, obviously I came in one role and shifted to more," Scott said. "I was in a leadership role before, anyway. There are some differences. I'm now running point on a lot of conversations that I was probably more contributing in a strategic way before. My focus was a little more narrow and scope before.

"I was primarily brought in to oversee research and player development. So did a lot of early work there, and now it's a lot broader. I've had an opportunity to really talk to and get to know a lot more people throughout the organization. But also on the conversations, talking to teams all the time and agents about free agents. It's just grown in scope."

Dom Smith starting LF?

"Well as far as who's starting and who's playing, obviously Luis has a big part in that conversation, so I'm not going to start talking about naming people starters," Scott said. "Dom has obviously been a very good hitter. The fact that he's moved from first out to the outfield gives him more versatility. I know it's something he wants to continue to work on."

Making opportunistic moves

"The way I'm looking at the rest of the offseason, which nowadays the offseason starts to blur into Spring Training, I want us to be opportunistic," Scott said. "We've positioned ourselves where we can be opportunistic. I think there's some areas, as you've seen we've done some moves lately to improve the depth of our club. I think that's an area where we'll still focus, and if there's opportunities to add more impact, we'll explore that as well. I think we always need to be relentless to improve the club."

Noah Syndergaard expected to be ready in June

"Everything is going as expected," Scott said. "I just got down to Port St. Lucie late yesterday, so I'm going to talk to the training staff and get a better update on where everyone's at. Although I had an update recently to confirm that or see if there's anything new. That's still the plan, I'm sure at some point the player will want to speed that up because I know he's competitive and eager to get back on the field. That's still the plan going in."

Brandon Nimmo taking a defensive leap

"Obviously we have a new outfield coach, Tony, and we've already had a lot of good conversations, more broadly, not specific to any one player, about his thoughts and pooling our knowledge that we have in the organization to think through how we can work to improve people's defense," Scott said. "Defense was not necessarily a strength of this club in the past. It's always going to be a topic, you're always trying to make guys better in every aspect of the game. I wouldn't speak specifically to one player, but I think there's some things we can do to improve everybody. Even if they're already a good defender, there's always ways to get better."

Adding more players with or without a DH

"I think we have a lot of flexibility here," Scott said. "Steve's been very supportive of things we want to do. Like I said before, we want to be opportunistic. We want to improve the team in anyway we can. And that could be position player, that could be pitching. It's really trying to make the team the best we can all around."

Not done for the offseason

"It's never done, no we're not done, we want to do some other things" Scott said. "Will everything align and those things happen? Maybe, maybe not. I told Sandy [Alderson] I'm happy with the team as is, but if we can make improvements, we'll make improvements. We're definitely not done trying to make improvements to the team."