Takeaways from Jets GM Joe Douglas including faith that Adam Gase is part of the solution

Scott Thompson
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313308588 041620 NFL DRAFT 2020 Treated Art -JOE DOUGLAS v4

With the Jets at the bottom of the barrel in the NFL, there are many reasons why fans are calling for head coach Adam Gase to be fired. But GM Joe Douglas wants everyone to know the team's struggles can't solely be put on Gase's shoulders. 

In fact, Douglas believes that Gase is someone who can help fix this franchise's battle with losing. 

"This is not all on Adam," Douglas told reporters following the NFL trade deadline on Tuesday. "I have to do a better job surrounding him with better players and better weapons. We’re in this together. I’m going through and thinking of everything I can do to help Adam. And the goal is to get this fixed together.”

Douglas repeated that Gase is the coach this team needs right now, and reiterated that he needs to be better getting the right players in place for him to work with.

Here's what else Douglas touched one at the halfway point of what has been a brutal Jets season...

Sam Darnold is the guy

Douglas also gave his seal of approval of Darnold, as he still believes the 23-year-old needs to be surrounded by better talent. With the Jets currently in line for the first overall pick in this year's draft -- that should have Trevor Lawrence at the top -- Douglas said Darnold is their franchise quarterback.

"Absolutely. Sam’s played with, I know I touched on it earlier, but I feel like he has a different set of wide receiver every week. He has a different set of offensive linemen every week. You see the flashes of what he can be and they’re really special.

“I have no problem to say he is our best quarterback and our quarterback of the future.”

Douglas' plan to rebuild Jets hasn't changed

“I don’t think my vision has changed from when I first stood in front of you guys. I think it’s up front and I think it starts with the offensive and defensive line. That’s going to lead to the rest of the team [flourishing]. We really have to win the line of scrimmage first, we need to add explosive playmakers, we have to get after the passer. We’re going to have to have guys that cover well. Those are all the things successful teams in the national football league are doing.”

Douglas focused on draft rather than big free agents

The Jets are expected to have some of the best financial flexibility this offseason, but Douglas is more focused on player development through the draft. If the right free agent is there, though, then that's when the discussions can be had.

“Part of what we’ve done is just try to put ourselves in better financial health moving forward. I think we’re on our way to doing that. But ultimately I think when you look at successful organizations, no matter what the sport, you don’t see a lot of teams that build long-term success by buying their way out of it. You see the teams, the organization that have long-term success, they draft well and they develop their players. I think that’s the model moving forward, I think that the vision moving forward.”

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