Take our test: Is this a real or fake Minor League Baseball team?

Minor League Baseball is crazy these days. Each year, the names get stranger and more creative. These, for instance, are all minor league teams or alter-egos: Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, New Orleans Baby Cakes, Fresno Tacos and Binghamton Rumble Ponies

We had a fun time at spring training last year, asking fans if they could tell the difference between real minor league teams and fakes one — so we did it again at spring training 2018. Above are the results, as we quizzed people about teams like the Akron Rubberducks, Hawkins Demogorgons, Montgomery Biscuits and Grand Rapids Girl Scout Cookies.

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Two of those are real and two aren’t. Perhaps you can tell the difference. Be sure to play along with the baseball fans in the video.

(Yahoo Sports)
(Yahoo Sports)

If you like this, check out last year’s version, which was also a lot of fun — and also features our favorite fake team, which is pretty obvious once you watch the video.

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