Take six minutes to remember all the cool stuff that happened in the 2014 NBA playoffs (Video)

PORTLAND, OR - MAY 2: Damian Lillard #0 of the Portland Trail Blazers after the game against the Houston Rockets in Game Six of the Western Conference Quarterfinals during the 2014 NBA Playoffs on May 2, 2014 at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon. (Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images)

By the time the postseason ends with the crowning of a new NBA champion, I almost always find it difficult to remember just how we got here — the specifics of the two-month-long journey that began with 16 teams and ended with just one hoisting the O'Brien in elated celebration of accomplishing their ultimate goal.

To a certain extent, that's not really the worst thing in the world — I mean, I really, really enjoyed watching and writing about the San Antonio Spurs this season, postseason and Finals, and I'm down for anything that gives me more of an opportunity to laud the Spurs for not only dismantling the Miami Heat, but doing so stylishly and simply, and in a surprisingly emotional way. Still, though, it's a shame to give all those other series, and the teams that contested them, short shrift in the service of recency bias aided by sleep deprivation.

And this is where folks like Max Frishberg come in.

After the diehard NBA fan and video editor hooked us up with a fantastic, spine-tinglingly-good nine-minute review of the 2013 postseason last summer, he's followed it up with another dynamite rundown of this year's model — and this time, it'll only cost you six minutes. Push play, lean back and remember:

Holy cow, that first round was great. And so were those Spurs. And so were so many other things about the postseason run we spent nearly every waking moment of our last two months breathlessly following, chronicling and enjoying. Thanks for sharing it with us. Let's do it again next summer, huh?

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