Taiwanese animators NMA depict the Lakers coaching search (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie

When a big NBA story hits, the fantastic Taiwanese animation studio NMA tends to provide its own take on the news. That involves not just relating what happened, but depicting the whole deal as a whackadoodle tale of overgrown children who gesticulate wildly at every opportunity. In the past, it's entertained us by explaining the NBA lockout as a fight over pizza, showing Amar'e Stoudemire losing his entire left hand after punching a fire extinguisher, and having LeBron James defeat Jesus after claiming his first NBA title. It is the world's second-finest news source after The Onion.

It should come as no surprise that NMA decided to animate the Los Angeles Lakers' coaching odyssey. Watch it above, and check out our description of the clip after the jump.

Phil Jackson meditates in his zen palace, a spartan domicile featuring only his championship trophies — which he stole from the franchises, apparently — and a very dorm-room-like yin-yang poster. Jackson, who looks suspiciously like Steve Jobs with longer hair, raises his hands. Magic dust emanates from his fingers. He has achieved total enlightenment.

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Jim Buss, who travels exclusively in a short bus with "Short Buss" on the side, arrives at Staples Center. He wears a metal bucket on his head, and it's unclear if this is supposed to be a dunce cap or some hot new L.A. fashion trend. Buss throws out two players by himself — he is very strong — while Mike Brown stands outside the building. Incidentally, Staples Center looks more like a Staples retail store.

Mike D'Antoni uses a walker and lives at nursing home. Buss backs up his short bus to pick him up, which seems really dangerous at a place where old people live. When they return to the Staples retail location, Lakers fans are outside demanding that Phil Jackson coach the team. Buss again backs up his short bus to let out himself and D'Antoni, which seems really dangerous in such a heavily trafficked area. The fans throw trash at Buss, which actually makes sense since he is still wearing that bucket on his head. They must think he is the janitor.

Finally, it is time for the Lakers to play basketball. Except, instead of playing against another team, they have decided to stage a sprint across the court. Steve Nash wins easily even while dribbling the ball. Everyone else is old — but not as old as Nash? — and has to use a walker. They are slow.

The fans have had enough and throw trash and vegetables at their beloved team. One of them hits Metta World Peace, who gets very angry, discards his walker, and runs over to the offending fan. He starts beating him up because he is an angry person.

Unfortunately not depicted: Mike Brown at Chick-fil-A, Phil Jackson getting mad at the Lakers in the press, and Magic Johnson serving as guardian of the Lakers' soul.

(via The Point Forward)

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