Taiwanese animation explains the Metta World Peace suspension (VIDEO)

The Taiwanese animation studio NMA is famous for its off-kilter representations of world news. We've featured them on BDL several times, most notably during the lockout. No matter the issue, it brings its audience the news in ways they'd never previously imagined.

Unless you haven't paid attention to the NBA for several days, you probably know that Metta World Peace's elbowing of James Harden and subsequent seven-game suspension have dominated the news cycle. So NMA put together a clip, and it's well worth your time. In case you can't watch at work, or you just like it when writers explain everything that happens in a video, join us for a synopsis after the jump.

Remember when Ron Artest and Ben Wallace had a girly slap fight? Well, I hope you do, because now the former Pacers star is in the news again, but this time as Metta World Peace! MWP, who looks suspiciously like A.C. Green, walks out on the court under a spotlight as fans throw whole fish and indestructible tomatoes at him from the stands. Finally, he arrives at center court, where his throne awaits. Unfortunately, the throne lights on fire, because it is literally a hot seat.

Flashback to the 2004 fight in Detroit, where Ron Artest earned his reputation as the strongest slapper in the league. Initially, the tiff seemed like it would end with only a few slaps after Mark Cuban stepped in as peacemaker. Yet no one expected a fan to have brought a Molotov cocktail to the game, which struck and burned Artest in the leg. That made him very angry, so he brought out his trusty cannon and blasted the crowd. Current Piston Austin Daye, who was a high school sophomore at the time, then started to shoot up the stands. Things eventually got so out of hand that a child threw an axe. A lone janitor was tasked with cleaning up the blood-soaked floor with a mop.

As punishment, Artest was forced to write "I must not start brawls" on a chalkboard eight times. A teacher then dropped a giant "86" on Artest, which caused enough injuries to keep him out for the rest of NBA season.

At a later press conference, a fairy magically turned Artest into a Buddhist monk and changed his name to Metta World Peace. Then, in full monk garb, World Peace elbowed James Harden in the face. That changed him forever, and one day, while sitting under a tree, he turned into a soldier.

The end.

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