Tahir Whitehead karate chopped Kenny Golladay in the neck and got away with it

Oakland Raiders linebacker Tahir Whitehead is going to receive a substantial fine from the NFL in a couple days. Whitehead somehow avoided an ejection during Sunday’s game after he chopped Detroit Lions receiver Kenny Golladay in the neck.

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The incident happened after Raiders cornerback Daryl Worley made an incredible interception while guarding Golladay. Following the play, Whitehead aimed a chop directly at Golladay’s neck.

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The refs must have missed that confrontation because Whitehead was not penalized. It’s possible Whitehead would have been ejected had the refs seen it.

Golladay had already made his presence felt in the game prior to the chop. The 26-year-old Golladay caught two balls for 87 yards and a touchdown in the first half. It’s possible Whitehead was frustrated about Golladay’s performance. It’s also possible Whitehead was trying to goad Golladay into retaliating in an attempt to get Golladay ejected.

Though he was mad, Golladay didn’t bite.

The Raiders eventually won, 31-24.


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