Taco Bell just became the spot for a prom photo shoot

Sweet Spot

How much do you like Taco Bell? Something tells us it’s not as much as high school senior Riley Papile.

The teen decided to take her love of soft tacos, plus her favorite fast food chain, and create an unforgettable prom moment. Riley and her girlfriend, Abby Creneti, enlisted the help of photographer Rachel Beck. Rachel and Riley have known each other for years. “I met Riley as her babysitter 10 years ago. I’ve watched her grow into a wonderful and beautiful woman as we have remained very close over the years,” Rachel told Yahoo.

When Rachel suggested Taco Bell as a fun location for the prom photo shoot, “Riley’s eyes lit up.” The high school senior, who admits to eating there five days a week on average, wasted no time jumping into action. With their prom dresses ready to go, Riley and Abby posed for pictures while chowing down on tacos and quesadillas. Riley even got behind the counter and pretended to put in an order. What’s Riley’s favorite thing on the menu? Combo No. 8: three soft tacos (hold the lettuce) and a Sierra Mist — someone’s making us hungry!

Riley hopes her prom pictures, which are going viral, will be shared on Taco Bell’s social media accounts. If that doesn’t happen, then she wants the next best thing, “some free tacos.”

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