Taco Bell customers are literally protesting the chain's new menu

Taco Bell customers are getting political — at least when it comes to their favorite menu items. The fast-food chain announced a series of changes to its menu earlier this year, sparking a wave of reactions online. Now, it seems the response has spilled over into the streets, according to a TikTok by a user named Devin Blackburn. Blackburn, who lives in San Diego, drove by a few “protestors” speaking out about Taco Bell’s new menu. Namely, the sign-wielding activists seemed angered that the restaurant recently decided to remove all potato-based items, which upset many vegan and vegetarian customers. “Taco Bell hates vegans,” one protestor’s sign read. The video has since drawn more than 750K views, as well as plenty of feedback from TikTok users. “The only thing good I ate at Taco Bell were the potatoes,” one user wrote. It’s worth noting that while Taco Bell’s potatoes have disappeared from the menu, there are still vegan-friendly items available