Taco Bell customer allegedly finds inedible object in Crunchwrap Supreme

TikToker Cheyenne Hurst went to take a bite of her Crunchwrap Supreme when she bit down on something “super hard” that felt like it shouldn’t be there. She realized that she had taken a bite out of a nacho cheese cup lid that had somehow made its way into the Crunchwrap. “I was like, ‘What the heck? This is not good. We need to take it back and show them because I don’t want it to happen to anyone else'”. In another video, Hurst showed how she took the Crunchwrap Supreme — lid and all — back to the drive-thru window and explained what she had found inside of it. The Taco Bell employee, dumbfounded as ever, quickly got her manager, who proceeded to give Hurst a ton of Taco Bell coupons and vouchers. Many people applauded Hurst for how well she handled the whole situation. “You were respectful and in return you didn’t even have to ask for the manager, the manager was summoned for you,” one person said. Other people simply didn’t understand how a lid ended up in the Crunchwrap in the first place. “How do they mess up that bad?” one person asked. “How does that even happen?” another added