T.J. Hockenson places blame for injury on league, not Kerby Joseph

The 2023 Minnesota Vikings had to endure several major injuries during the season. The Achilles injury to starting quarterback Kirk Cousins got the majority of the headlines, but the knee injury suffered by tight end T.J. Hockenson had a major impact on the Vikings offense down the stretch.

Hockenson was injured on a tackle attempt by Detroit Lions safety Kerby Joseph during their Week 15 matchup. Hockenson caught a pass over the middle and Joseph attempted to bring him down by taking out Hockenson’s legs, which resulted in a significant knee injury.

Speaking about the injury, Hockenson mentioned that he played with Joseph during his tenure with the Lions and that he doesn’t believe that Joseph was trying to injure him on the play. Hockenson instead places the blame for the injury on the NFL, saying “I don’t have it against the player, as much as the league putting the defense in those positions in order to have to do that.”

The NFL has taken numerous measures to remove high hits over the years, leading to defenders attacking ball carriers’ legs more and more, resulting in injuries like the one suffered by Hockenson. Thankfully, Hockenson seems to be on track with his rehab and should be able to contribute to the team for the 2024 season.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire