SWPL sets course for two leagues of 10

The SWPL will switch to two leagues of 10 teams from the 2025-2026 season, reducing the number of matches in the top flight.

The current 12-team SWPL and eight-team SWPL 2 will continue for a third time next term.

However, there will be relegation for the bottom three in the top division, with no play-offs, while the team finishing first in SWPL 2 will be promoted.

Once the two leagues of 10 are established, clubs will meet home and away to complete an initial 18 matches, followed by a top six and bottom four split.

The teams in each section then play each other home and away again, with the top six playing 28 matches overall - down from 32.

The winner of SWPL 2 will be promoted and the team finishing last in the SWPL will be relegated, with an extended play-off system introduced.

Single tie games involving positions two to four in SWPL 2 and the team in ninth in the SWPL will determine the set up for the next campaign.

The play-off match and automatic promotion/relegation between SWPL 2 and SWF’s Championship remains unchanged throughout.

The SWPL board approved the changes immediately after Wednesday's annual general meeting.