New SWPL format a 'terrible decision'?

The SWPL recently announced plans to change the size of the top flight from 12 teams to 10, meaning three will be automatically relegated at the end of the upcoming campaign.

Here's some of your thoughts on the matter:

Craig: Awful. You'd think they'd find four more teams to make two leagues of 12. Reducing the league can mean less players in a squad so more international or better players might move abroad for more game time. Very disappointing.

Anonymous: Terrible decision. Can’t believe the rest of the teams in league are happy about this. Surely hinders the development of young players if more having to play in SWPL 2 instead of testing themselves v the best players.

Anonymous: There is no way we can tell the future however this decision feels badly timed and rushed. There is still a need for increased investment to allow the leagues to flourish but this feels like it's a fast track to domination by a small number of teams and that is something most fans don't want to see. If we could see the future, it probably would look like the current status of the men's game in Scotland. Is that what fans want?