Sword Group: New Signatures

Sword Group
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Press Release

Windhof - October, 29th 2020

Sword Group - New Signatures

Sword is pleased to announce the signature of new contracts for its subsidiary Tipik by Sword, amounting to €19.2 million, and the reactivation of a contract affected by the health crisis for the estimated amount of €12.5 million

Tipik by Sword is a new type of communication agency, based in Brussels. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sword Group, whose annual revenue is close to €10 million.

The company has announced the signature of several contracts with the European Union, all focused on the digitalisation of information and communication, whether it is:

For the organisation of events at a global level: meetings, seminars, conferences, in full digital mode or in hybrid mode.

For digital communication operations

For the organisation of collaborative work and complex meetings (localisation, language, culture, etc.)

These contracts concern:

The DG for Justice & Consumers of the European Commission | €12 million over 4 years

The European Investment Bank in Luxembourg | €3 million over 4 years

The DG for Communication of the European Commission | €2.2 million over 4 years

The DG EuropeAid of the European Commission | €2 million over 4 years

In parallel, the reactivation of the contract signed with the DG SCIC (Conferences and Interpretation Services of the European Commission) has made it possible to resume with projects as of the start of the third quarter and the balance of the contract amounts to €12.5 million over the next 3 years.

We are pleased to have focused on digitalisation for several years and to be fully prepared for the new constraints resulting from the current health situation.