Swiss freestyle skier Fabian Bösch has ridiculous escalator style

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For athletes, not every single second of the Olympics is going to be a non-stop, wow-filled thrill ride. Sometimes you have to make your own fun.

Swiss freestyle skier Fabian Bösch won’t be competing until Sunday, and he seems to be pretty good at making his own fun. On Monday, he posted this video of his new and strange and amazing way to ride an escalator.

He hangs on to the railing with one hand all the way to the top, and just when you think he’ll run out of room and have to drop at least 10 feet to the ground, he pulls himself up. That’s not a recommended way to ride an escalator, but for a freestyle skier like Bösch, it seems fitting. Hopefully he doesn’t try that at his local mall.

Bösch has been up to more in PyeongChang than weird escalator-riding techniques. He posted a picture of himself at the Olympic Village, but in an unexpected place.

OK, how did he get up there? If his escalator skills are any indication, he probably climbed up. But the more entertaining part was probably watching him figure out how to climb down.

There was no climbing needed for this stunt, in which Bösch and his friend rode a pallet truck down a long corridor like a bobsled.

You’ve gotta appreciate the “#feeltherhythmfeeltherhyme” hashtag, because everyone loves the movie “Cool Runnings!”

Bösch is a freestyle skier, but if the Olympics ever decide to add the escalator hang or the ring climb or the makeshift bobsled to their list of winter events, this guy’s got gold locked up.

Fabian Bösch rides the escalator rail at the Olympics. (Instagram/@buhsch)
Fabian Bösch rides the escalator rail at the Olympics. (Instagram/@buhsch)

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