Swinney on Trotter ‘asserting himself’ in the Clemson locker room following the loss against Miami

Dabo Swinney and the Tigers had a brutal 28-20 double-overtime loss to Miami that highlighted everything wrong with the Clemson football program right now. 

After the loss, star linebacker Jeremiah Trotter Jr. was not happy with the performance he saw from his team. Trotter let them know, too, getting up in front of the locker room and letting them know how he felt after that game. 

“It was really good to see Trotter assert himself that way,” Swinney said about his All-ACC linebacker. “It was awesome, honestly. He is not a guy that says a whole lot. He leads by example and is one of the more respected guys on the team.

“But that was pretty awesome, and that is the most he has said since he has been here. He is just about his business all the time. You don’t ever have to worry about that guy.”

For a player who’s all business, it’s no wonder why he wasn’t happy following this loss. This Clemson team had aspirations heading into this season that only the best teams around the country do, and just over halfway through the season, we can already tell you those aspirations won’t be met. 

In situations like this, Swinney sees the positives that can come. According to Swinney, this has brought out the best in Trotter.

“Those are the positives of getting in adverse situations,” Swinney said. “Sometimes, it brings the worst out of them, and sometimes it brings the best out of them. He is a grinder. He is a worker. He is coachable. He leads by example. He knows everything. (The postgame speech) was out of his comfort zone, but was probably one of the better plays he has made at Clemson. It was really cool to see.”

“He was fiery, but very poised. He was matter of fact and right on point.”

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire