Out swimmer Dan Jervis secures a spot at the Paris 2024 Olympics

Out swimmer Dan Jervis Paris 2024 Olympics
Out swimmer Dan Jervis Paris 2024 Olympics

Out swimmer Dan Jervis had a sweeping 1500m freestyle victory at the British Swimming Championships in London, which solidified his ranking for Team Great Britain (GB) at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Jervis, who publicly came out in June 2022, previously swam at the Games in Tokyo, where he placed fifth.

In a post-race interview following the 1500m victory at the British Championships — his sixth consecutive win for this particular title—, Jervis said, “If I’m honest, this right now is probably the best moment of my swimming career. I’m very fortunate, I’ve got an amazing support network. I’ve got my family, my friends, I’ve got my partner here. What a moment. I’m just so happy.”

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Support aside, Jervis is also feeling the effects of age, noting, “The last few months, I’ve really found training hard. It’s been tough. I’m 27, I’m not 18 years old anymore. Training sessions hurt me.”

Still, Jervis is excited to head to Paris in July and said he just wanted to enjoy the experience because, “I swim well when I enjoy it.”

Although Jervis struggled for a moment after coming out, he looked to fellow out gay swimmer Michael Gunning for support, and the two reunited at the meet. Gunning has since retired from international competitions, but previously swam for Team GB and Jamaica.

michael gunning and dan jervis
michael gunning and dan jervis


Jervis joins New Zealand rower Robbie Manson, Australian climber Campbell Harrison, gold-medalist diver Tom Daley and Irish taekwondo star Jack Woolley on the roster for other out gay and bi male athletes who have secured their spot for the Paris Games.

Last year, Jervis joined Bruce Mouat, an out curler from the Games, to talk about the difference between Tokyo and where he is now.

“When I went to the Olympics in Tokyo, I was not openly gay and only certain people know,” he said. “I don’t regret anything in terms of my coming out journey, but part of me does wish that I had gone to that Olympics being me.”

Well, Paris gives him a chance for a redo with his partner right next to his side, cheering him on the whole way.

Congratulations on the spot,! We’ll be rooting you on at the Games!