How sweet it is! Postgame tweets as Hogs advance to Sweet 16

After the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament, Arkansas is still dancing,

Whatever was said about this team before March doesn’t really matter anymore, thanks to an “upset” win over Kansas. 

Devo Davis led the comeback with 21 of 25 points in the second half, marking a new career-high in points for the junior. It’s safe to say Davis is officially an Arkansas legend after back-to-back performances in the NCAA tournament to help keep the Hogs on the March Madness dance floor.

Anyone still criticizing the Razorbacks at this point needs something to be mad at. The Hogs were projected to be a Final Four team at the start of the season, but just a week ago, we didn’t know if this team would be a part of the tournament.

Let’s see what Twitter says about the Hogs’ trip to the sweet sixteen.


The Jayhawks' Marathon is over

Treat every win like its your last... even in the round of 32

Not an upset

Give this gentleman some LOLs

Tears of joy

Devo for Governor!

It's a lot love going around

March is for the veterans

We love shirtless Musselman

He was in a dark place but now he is found

Gibby Vibes

Shirtless Musselman for president

Stay Classy

Story originally appeared on Razorbacks Wire