A super tiny electric vehicle

LEF is a 3-wheeled single-seat car, built from recycled plastics. It’s built for easily maneuvering around crowded cities. LEF comes in 3 types of battery power ranging from 10Ah to 30Ah with 16mph speed limit. The recycled plastic mobile is priced for $5,280. Learn more at evmobility.nl

Transcript: A super tiny electric vehicle. LEF is a 3-wheeled single-seat car made from recycled plastics. It only weighs 198 lbs LEF has 3 batteries to choose from ranging from 10ah to 30ah. The max range is 56 miles on a single charge and a top speed of 16 mph. Inside the LEF there is a digital display projecting vehicle info. Like speed, battery status, and distance traveled. There is also a USB connection for your phone, and every LEF is equipped with an LED light in the front and rear with turn signals. LEF can be charged using an ordinary standard socket. Pricing starts at $5,280