Which Super Bowl Prop bets should you target?

In Yahoo's Countdown to Kickoff, Betting analysts Minty Bets and Frank Schwab offer their player and games props to target ahead of Super Bowl LVI

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: It's time for the fun stuff, Frank, Super Bowl props. If you're betting on the Big Game, you got to bet on the prop. So Frank, why don't you kick us off? Give us your first prop.

FRANK SCHWAB: You know, Minty, I hope we agree on some of these. Because when we agreed during the season, it was a lock. It was lock it in, it's going to win. My first one, Odell Beckham Jr., over 63 and 1/2 yards. I think Odell Beckham has been underpriced for a while now. He's coming off his first 100 yard game with the Rams. He's been a huge part of that offense ever since they acquired him. And Matthew Stafford has been trusting him more and more, getting him the ball more and more.

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And what we're going to see is, the Bengals are going to try to limit Cooper Kupp. Easier said than done. That's going to be a lot of targets for Odell Beckham, even extra targets, with Tyler Higbee either being out or being limited with his injury. I really like Odell Beckham, over 63 and 1/2 yards. I think he has a huge impact in this game. What about you, Minty?

MINTY BETS: I actually really love that. And although Cooper Kupp is somehow always wide open, I think OBJ is going to get a lot of production here. Mine is going to be on a Rams player as well, Cam Akers. And his rushing yards is set at 63 and 1/2. I'm going to go under, though. Because since he has returned from injury, he hasn't been terribly productive, and he hasn't even reached 60 rushing yards at all this postseason. He's going to be sharing some time with Sonny Michel, so I got to go under here. What's your next prop, Frank?

FRANK SCHWAB: I actually agree with you on Cam Akers, too. You're right, he hasn't looked quite the same. Great story for him coming back from the Achilles, but the explosiveness just hasn't been there for Cam. I really like that.

I'm going to go to the other team now. Tee Higgins, over 5 and 1/2 receptions. And this one's pretty easy for me. Jalen Ramsey is already lobbying to shadow Ja'Marr Chase. That means Ja'Marr chase isn't going to be quite the fact that we think he's going to be. Where do those targets go to? They go to Tee Higgins. He's going to have an advantageous match-up. I think Joe Burrow is really going to target him a lot.


We forget about Tee Higgins with the Ja'Marr Chase hype. He is one of the better receivers in this game. I think he improves past 5 and 1/2 receptions, going to get a ton of targets, even more so if the Bengals fall behind like I think they will. So Tee Higgins, over 5 and 1/2 receptions is my second prop.

MINTY BETS: I like that, and I like the plus money, too. I mean, he's recorded six-plus catches this postseason already, and his season high is, I believe, 12. So I really like that one.

My next one is a kicker prop. I love kicker props here, and I'm going Evan McPherson, over 7 and 1/2 kicking points. I mean, just a couple of field goals, a couple PATs. And he's recorded four field goals in each of Cincy's post-season games. And he's exceeded eight picking points in all of his games dating back to Week 16. So I'm taking the over here. Frank, give us your last prop.

FRANK SCHWAB: You know, Minty, I went deep into my research here, and I looked up the coin toss numbers. Tails is 29-26 so far. So that means what? It means regression. I'm going heads. Give me a heads for the coin toss. It's going to come up that way. Heads has got to start to catch up with tails in these Super Bowl coin tosses. So give me heads. I'm going to get my Super Bowl off, a winning start before a play is even made. What's your last one, Minty?


MINTY BETS: Oh, Frank, I always try to avoid the coin toss. However, I'm with you on heads here. I never-- I don't believe in the "tails never fails" saying. And you know what? I always call heads on a coin toss, and I'm right about 50% of the time.

My last prop here is going to be a fun one. The outcome of the opening kickoff to be a return attempt for plus 145. There's no real analysis for this one, but I'm thinking that they don't want to start off this game conservatively. Therefore, I love the value here, plus 145, as the opening kickoff to result in a return of 10.