Super Bowl prop bets, with predictions, for San Francisco vs. Kansas City

If you love to gamble on football, your time is limited.

The Super Bowl is Sunday, and unless you're betting on free agency, it will be the last time you can bet on the NFL until after Labor Day for your next chance. That is, unless you're one of those people who like to play games of chance and you bet on the preseason, but even then you'll be idle until August.

The good news is there are so many ways to bet now. Thanks to same-day parlays and legalized gambling, you have plenty of options.

A lot of people are predicting the game. We dove into some of this year's prop bets, and they're some fun ones.

Here are 25 prop bets. You can bet them, use them as a pool among your friends, or just play along with us. Here's how we see the Super Bowl playing out.

Length of the national anthem (in seconds)

Over 90.5

Under 90.5

Prediction: With fans cheering, I'll take the over.

Coin toss result



Prediction: Tails never fails.

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Which team will win the Super Bowl?

San Francisco

Kansas City

Prediction: Kansas City

What is the over/under for the Super Bowl?

Over 47.5

Under 47.5

Prediction: It's an offensive league. I'm going over.

First offensive play of the Super Bowl



Prediction: Throw, throw throw. I'll pass!

Will there be a score in the first 6 minutes, 50 seconds?



Prediction: Absolutely!

Team to score first

San Francisco

Kansas City

Prediction: After the NFC Championship, it's the 49ers.

Jersey number of first touchdown scorer



Prediction: It's going to be odd. That gives us Travis Kelce and Christian McCaffrey

First accepted penalty

San Francisco

Kansas City

Prediction: San Francisco

Will there be a score in the last 2 minutes of the first half?



Prediction: Yes

Will a team score 3 consecutive times (PATs not included)



Prediction: Yes

Brock Purdy passing yards

Over 247.5

Under 247.5

Prediction: Over

Patrick Mahomes passing yards

Over 262.5

Under 262.5

Prediction: Over

Christian McCaffrey rushing yards

Over 90.5

Under 90.5

Prediction: Under, though he'll do a lot of damage in the passing game.

Total receiving yards

Over 70.5

Under 70.5

Prediction: Over

Longest successful field goal

Over 46.5

Under 46.5

Prediction: Guys are making 60 yarders like they're layups. Over.

Team with the longest successful field goal

Kansas City

San Francisco

Prediction: Give me the rookie from San Francisco.

Length of longest touchdown

Over 44.5 yards

under 44.5 yards

Prediction: Under

Team with longest touchdown

San Francisco

Kansas City

Prediction: San Francisco

Total QB sacks

Over 4.5

Under 4.5

Prediction: Under

Total turnovers

Over 2.5

Under 2.5

Prediction: Under

Number of challenges initiated by coaches

Over 1.5

Under 1.5

Prediction: Under 1.5

Will there be a missed extra point (1 or 2 pts)?



Prediction: Yes

Color of Gatorade bath


Any other color

Prediction: Both teams wear red, that won't work. Any other color for the win.

Position of the MVP


Any other position

Prediction: Any other position.

Super Bowl Sunday bonus parlay

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