Super Bowl commercials: Watch the big ads before they air

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Get prepped for the big game by watching all the Super Bowl commercials that have been released so far. (Image courtesy of Michelob)
Get prepped for the big game by watching all the Super Bowl commercials that have been released so far. (Image courtesy of Michelob)

The Super Bowl may officially be about football, but it’s also the Super Bowl of commercials. Brands and companies are trying to please every viewer in their quest to get you to buy their thing. You’ll see celebrities, cute animals, emotional stories, inspirational tales, and even the occasional massive misstep, like that dead child commercial from 2015.

Some companies now pre-release their Super Bowl commercials days before the big game, and this is the place to watch every ad that has already been unleashed upon the world. Watch them here and impress everyone at your Super Bowl party with your ability to deliver a smart, concise opinion mere seconds after a commercial airs on Sunday. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you prepped ahead of time.

Amazon Alexa

Imagining life without technology? Impossible!

Amazon Prime Video

Al Pacino hunts secret Nazis, what more could you ask for?


The Arya Stark/Frozen mash-up you never knew you needed.

Avocados from Mexico

Four words: avocados wearing tiny hats.


Budweiser raises a glass to “typical Americans.”


Cheeto fingers are truly a national affliction.


This is perhaps the worst possible time to forget your password.


Discover split its 30-second ad buy into two 15-second commercials.


Hope you’re not sick of “Old Town Road” yet!


Apparently throwing a party for a car is something rich people do.

Google Assistant

Get ready to cry at this one.


Everybody loves a Boston accent, right?


The Raiders’ Josh Jacobs shares an important message with his younger self.

Little Caesars

Little Caesars is right: pizza delivery IS pretty great!

Michelob Ultra

Working out has never been so fun.

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold

Michelob is committed to organic farming.


Katie Sowers is a trailblazer for girls and women, and she deserves her own commercial.

Mountain Dew Zero

A tribute to “The Shining” is a weird way to go.

New York Life

This is New York Life’s first-ever Super Bowl ad.


Women in space!

Pepsi Zero Sugar

“Paint it Black” is a killer song.


Hot take: pretzel Pop-Tarts sound delicious.

Reese’s Take 5

Clichés are everywhere.


That is a tremendous amount of sneakers.


Snickers wants to fix the world.


For anyone who has ever dreamed of drinking the water on Mars.


Everyone can do their own taxes! Aren’t you thrilled?


Verizon’s 5G has the potential to help people. (Note: Yahoo Sports is part of Verizon Media Group, which is owned by Verizon.)


Walmart gets some visitors from outer space.


Scout the dog is back!

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