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Super Bowl 2022 odds: Rams make big move after Matthew Stafford trade, Chiefs still favored over Bucs

Sam Cooper
·3 min read
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We’re less than 24 hours removed from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, and there have already been odds shifts for next year’s Super Bowl at BetMGM.

While the Chiefs remain the betting favorites to win Super Bowl LVI at +600, the Buccaneers made a move to +1000 after being listed at +1200 two weeks ago. Following Sunday night’s victory, Tom Brady confirmed he will be back in the fold next season along with the majority of the team’s core.

BetMGM has already received a $1,200 bet on the Chiefs at +600, a bet that would pay out $7,200. Another $1,200 bet also came in on Tampa Bay at +1200. It would pay out $14,400 if the Buccaneers repeat.

As of Monday, the Buccaneers have received 35.1% of the tickets and 42.7% of the money with the Chiefs next in line at 23.9% of the tickets and 33.2% of the handle.

Between the Chiefs and Bucs are the Green Bay Packers with the second-best odds for Super Bowl LVI at +900. The Packers went 13-3 in 2020 and were the NFC’s No. 1 seed before losing to the Buccaneers 31-26 in the NFC championship game.

However, the Packers have received only 2.7% of the bets and 1.1% of the money so far at BetMGM.

Rams make big move after Stafford trade

Next in line are the Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams all at +1200. While the Ravens and Bills opened with those odds, the Rams made a big jump after acquiring quarterback Matthew Stafford in a trade with the Detroit Lions. In the deal, the Rams shipped off Jared Goff and his massive contract to Detroit and were able to bring in 33-year-old Stafford.

With the clear upgrade at quarterback, the Rams’ odds jumped from +2000 to +1200. The Rams have received 2.6% of the tickets and 3.5% of the money at BetMGM.

The Bills have received the third-most tickets (4.5%) and the fifth-most money (3.1%). The Buccaneers, Chiefs, Rams and San Francisco 49ers (3.4%) have received more betting money at BetMGM than the Bills.

The Indianapolis Colts have received the fourth-most tickets at 4.1%. However, the Colts have only received 1.9% of the money.

There is plenty of other quarterback movement expected as the offseason progresses, so BetMGM is expecting to see lots of movement in the Super Bowl LVI odds in the coming months.

“The Chiefs open as betting favorites to win Super Bowl LVI. Historically, the runner-up does not return to the big game but none of those teams had Patrick Mahomes,” said Jason Scott, the VP of Trading for BetMGM. “It is projected that as many as 18 NFL teams will enter the season with a different quarterback so we expect to see plenty of movement in this market before kickoff of next season.”

Current Super Bowl LVI odds

Here are the current odds for Super Bowl LVI at BetMGM:

  • Chiefs +600

  • Packers +900

  • Buccaneers +1000 (was +1200)

  • Ravens +1200

  • Bills +1200

  • Rams +1200 (was +2000)

  • 49ers +1600 (was +1400)

  • Saints +1800

  • Seahawks +2200 (was +1800)

  • Browns +2500

  • Cowboys +2500

  • Colts +2500

  • Dolphins +2500

  • Titans +2500

  • Chargers +3000

  • Patriots +3000

  • Steelers +3000

  • Cardinals +4000

  • Vikings +4000 (was +3000)

  • Bears +5000

  • Raiders +5000

  • Eagles +5000

  • Panthers +5000 (was +6600)

  • Falcons +6600

  • Broncos +6600

  • Giants +6600

  • Washington +6600

  • Bengals +8000

  • Lions +8000

  • Texans +8000

  • Jets +8000

  • Jaguars +10000

Super Bowl LV from Yahoo Sports: