Suns star Devin Booker reacts to heated confrontations with Rockets rookie Cam Whitmore

For the second time in a week, Houston Rockets rookie Cam Whitmore and veteran Phoenix Suns superstar Devin Booker had a heated on-court exchange during Thursday’s game.

In the latest example, which occurred during the fourth quarter, both players were given a technical foul. Neither was ejected.

Booker spoke to media members postgame, since he was the game’s high scorer (35 points), and addressed what looked to be a heated situation. Whitmore, who plays off the bench for Houston, typically does not speak postgame with reporters, given his smaller role.

Here’s how Booker characterized the incidents with Whitmore, as relayed by Cody Taylor of Rookie Wire:

It started last game [on Feb. 23] in Houston). Just competing, extra physical. I like it. I’ve been in these situations plenty of times before. I was that same, young player doing that same thing.

I remember doing it to Jimmy Butler my rookie year, him going in the postgame talking about me. You never want to back down and I respect going at a top player. You just gotta be ready for it.

Read on for videos and interviews related to the growing rivalry.

All eyes will be on Booker and Whitmore during Saturday’s rematch, which is the fourth and final meeting between the Rockets and Suns in the 2023-24 NBA season. Tipoff is at 8:00 p.m. Central.

Devin Booker-Cam Whitmore reaction

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Story originally appeared on Rockets Wire