Suns’ Kevin Durant discusses how his trade request from the Nets came to pass

Phoenix Suns superstar Kevin Durant does not regret anything that has happened in his life, including during his time with the Brooklyn Nets, according to a piece by Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports. Durant made his debut for the Suns on Wednesday and after scoring 23 points in the winning effort, he had a chat with Goodwill about everything that has happened with Durant recently.

For starters, Durant, who has already made his stance on players requesting trades clear during the All-Star break, said that he doesn’t see his trade request from Brooklyn as a bad thing. He noted that he isn’t the first player to ask for a trade and that he won’t be the last. Durant pointed out that his trade request was because of how unsure he was of the future of the Nets.

Durant had a direct response to those in the media, such as Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal of TNT, who disagree with him his actions and where he stands within the list of all-time players in NBA history. Durant doesn’t care about what anybody against him has to say and all he wants to do is play basketball and not worry about the extra stuff like being a leader and things of that nature. Durant had a lot to say to Goodwill:

“I’m not the first one to get traded or ask for a trade. I don’t look at myself or my status in the league that I can’t go through what other players in the league go through.

I was thinking about who’s in the building, then when (expletive) started happening. We’re not playing well. KI (Kyrie Irving) requested a trade. It felt like a lot of (expletive) wasn’t happening for us. But I was locked in. I felt like my play showed people that I was really committed to the organization.

As far as leading a team, I don’t need to coach no team. Whatever happens, we do it together. [Monty’s] the leader, he’s the coach. The GM puts the team together. I’m supposed to go out and hoop. That’s my job.

I don’t regret nothing. Nothing I do in my life I regret,” Durant said. “[Not] signing an extension worth that much money?”


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