Suns’ Kevin Durant dazzles in his debut against the Hornets I The Rush

In today’s episode of The Rush, Kevin Durant looked solid in his debut with the Phoenix Suns, Jalen Carter – who could be this year’s top pick – left the NFL combine early after an arrest warrant was issued by the Athens-Clarke County Police department, and Aaron Rodgers emerged from the dark with no concrete information about his future.

Video Transcript

- Suns keep it alive, though. Durant trailing late in the play, comes inside, and the first points in a Suns uniform for KD.


JARED QUAY: Guess who's back? Back again. Kevin Durant's back. Tell your friends. Kevin Durant made his Suns debut against the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday night.

- Durant works off the screen, raising up from mid-range. And that is the sweet spot for Kevin Durant.

JARED QUAY: And after being out with an NCL sprain since January 8th, Durant looked--

- Skipped pass. Quick release three. Coming from Durant. Slashed down. His first 3-point attempt.

JARED QUAY: Yeah, this video speaks for itself. KD finished with 23 points, six rebounds, and two assists in the Suns 105 to 91 victory over the Hornets. Here are Durant point totals in each of his franchise debuts. 18 points with Seattle. Yes, KD is old enough to be playing for the Seattle SuperSonics. 27 points for Golden State, 22 points of Brooklyn, and now 23 points with the Suns

Sure DeAngelo scored double figures, but teammate Devin Booker showed them up with a team-high 37 points because my dude can also ball. It's warming up in Phoenix, literally and figuratively.

Switching gears Jalen Carter, a former star defensive tackle for the University of Georgia, left the NFL combine in Indianapolis on Wednesday after an arrest warrant was issued by the Athens-Clarke County Police department.

The warrant relates to two misdemeanor charges of reckless driving and street racing stemming from a crash that occurred in January resulting in the tragic death of Georgia offensive lineman Devin Willock and team staffer Chandler LeCroy. Carter has been talked about as a potential top pick in April's draft, with many experts calling him the best overall player in this year's class.

In less serious football news, Aaron Rodgers latest effort to find enlightenment, inner peace, and tranquility lasted a whole two days.

AARON RODGERS: Very cleansing. Good for new beginnings.

JARED QUAY: In his first interview since emerging from an Oregon darkness retreat, the Packers quarterback gave us a ton of new insight into whether or not he'll retire or return to the NFL in 2023.

AARON RODGERS: I'll make a decision soon enough, and then we'll go down that road.

JARED QUAY: Gotcha. Clearly, Rodgers is in a deep dive to nowhere, at least for now, and still undecided on whether he'll leave football behind our return next season.

AARON RODGERS: I was a snake slithering through the grass.

JARED QUAY: A-Rod's might be out of the dark, but we are still in it. And how come the man only lasted two days. I mean, how hard could it be doing absolutely nothing in darkness. I mean, I could do it easily with my eyes closed. In fact, cut the lights.


Oh, wait a minute. It's pretty dark in here. Oh man, I can't see nothing. Am I alive? Oh that's something tell [? 'em on the-- ?] Hey, turn the lights on. Hey, where the light switch at? Hey, man, come on, y'all playing. Aaron Rodgers, you in here?