Suns give free beer to fans, fine Josh Jackson $20K after autograph session no-show

Jason Owens
What was supposed to be a chance to meet Josh Jackson ended up in free beer for Suns fans. (Getty)
What was supposed to be a chance to meet Josh Jackson ended up in free beer for Suns fans. (Getty)

Phoenix Suns forward Josh Jackson was slated to show up at a local grocery store on Wednesday to meet fans and sign autographs.

It was part of an official team promotion tied to a corporate beer sponsor.

Instead, Jackson apparently went to a friend’s birthday party about 10 miles away, leaving the Suns scrambling to do damage control.

Josh Jackson a no-show

Jackson posted an Instagram story of the birthday celebration around the same time frustrated fans waited in line for their meet-and-greet.

The planned autograph session was part of an ongoing promotion in which the Suns were giving away game tickets to fans who bought 12-packs of Dos Equis at events at Fry’s grocery stores.

So what do the Suns do at a promotion intending to sell beer when the main attraction is a no-show? Give beer away, of course.

James Jones to the rescue

Previously disappointed fans noted that interim Suns general manager James Jones eventually showed up to do his best to make things right. That plan included the promised free tickets, a mailed autograph (assuming fans still wanted one) and a 12-pack for everyone in line 21 or older courtesy of the Suns.

Free beer better than Suns tickets?

One of those fans told that Jones, a three-time NBA champion as a player, stuck around to meet with fans for pictures and autographs.

It’s a solid effort considering the circumstances.

Jackson fined $20K

Arizona Sports 98.7 FM reports that Jackson paid a hefty price for his no-show with a $20,000 fine handed down on Thursday.

While all things point to Jackson’s absence being an oversight, it couldn’t have come at a worse time for the team on the heels of a Wednesday report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski painting a picture of a chaotic organization “in a spiral in almost every way.

Times are tough all around for the Suns. But Wednesday night shows that a little free beer can go a long way.

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