Sunderland to be given the 'Rolls-Royce treatment' from hummel

Sunderland are to be given the "Rolls-Royce treatment" from hummel following their new partnership agreement.

The Black Cats have reunited with the iconic retail partner synonymous with the club in the 80s.

hummel's UK CEO David Burke told i, "It’s a big, big deal for us because Sunderland are a big club. They will get the Rolls Royce treatment and so they should"

“Everything that we produce will be totally, totally bespoke. No one in the EFL or Premier League will look like Sunderland.”

"In terms of support and the opportunity to grow with them, Sunderland is second to none in the EFL,”

“When we speak about hummel’s global portfolio, Sunderland is in tier one for us. It’s right up there with the [Danish national team] in terms of the offering. That’s where it deserves to be."

“We will throw everything at it to engage with the fans. Hopefully they will support us, support the club in terms of buying the product and feeling proud of whatever they’re wearing because it’s Sunderland, it’s unique to them and no-one would wear the same stuff.”

Burke also revealed how the fans are at the heart of what they do, something they learned from Sunderland's Chief Business Officer, "We believe we can do it with what we offer and the fanatical fans, we believe we can smash home, away, third and even goalkeeper kits.

"Even goalkeeper is completely bespoke so it’s going to be six new kits every year.

"We’ve got a five-year contract and hopefully in that time the club will be in the Premier League, which would be amazing. It’d only get better. But it has to be right for the fans.

David Bruce always talks about that. In every conversation it’s ‘What is best for the fans’. He always talks about that. Too many years it hasn’t quite worked for whatever reason and we have to put a stop to that."