New Sunday network assignments shift 49 games between CBS and Fox

Last year, the NFL tore down the traditional formula that sent daytime games to CBS or Fox. (In a nutshell, CBS had all games in which an AFC team was the visitor, and Fox had all games in which an NFC team was the visitor.)

As NFL V.P. of broadcast planning Mike North said in 2022, “I think all you guys know, when the new media deals kick in, the notion of an AFC team on the road, that game’s a CBS game, or an NFC team on the road, that game belongs to Fox, that’s gone next year. That no longer exists. All games are jump balls, all games are free agents.”

In the second year of this new approach, plenty of games won't be televised by the network they previously would have televised them. Through the first 17 weeks of the season, 49 games are on CBS instead of Fox, or Fox instead of CBS. That's nearly three games per week on average, assigned to the network other than the one that traditionally would have televised it.

As North pointed out during a Thursday media call, the dynamic has resulted in CBS getting its first Eagles-Cowboys game since 1993.

The NFL didn't have a list of all games that ended up on the Fox instead of CBS, or CBS instead of Fox. So we went through the schedule, week by week, to come up with one.

Here are the games that flip the prior formula:

Week 1: Steelers at Falcons on Fox, Cardinals at Bills on CBS, Titans at Bears on Fox.

Week 2: Colts at Packers on Fox, 49ers at Vikings on CBS.

Week 3: Bears at Colts on CBS, Broncos at Buccaneers on Fox, Ravens at Cowboys on Fox.

Week 4: Bengals at Panthers on Fox, Vikings at Packers on CBS, Patriots at 49ers on Fox.

Week 5: Dolphins at Patriots on Fox, Browns at Commanders on Fox, Raiders at Broncos on Fox, Packers at Rams on CBS, Giants at Seahawks on CBS.

Week 6: Commanders at Ravens on CBS, Browns at Eagles on Fox.

Week 7: Dolphins at Colts on Fox, Panthers at Commanders on CBS, Chiefs at 49ers on Fox.

Week 8: Titans at Lions on Fox, Bears at Commanders on CBS, Bills at Seahawks on Fox, Eagles at Bengals on CBS, Panthers at Broncos on CBS.

Week 9: Saints at Panthers on CBS, Raiders at Bengals on Fox, Patriots at Titans on Fox, Bears at Cardinals on CBS.

Week 10: Patriots at Bears on Fox, Titans at Chargers on Fox, Eagles at Cowboys on CBS.

Week 11: Browns at Saints on Fox, Vikings at Titans on CBS.

Week 12: Buccaneers at Giants on CBS.

Week 13: Bears at Lions on CBS, Texans at Jaguars on Fox, Eagles at Ravens on CBS.

Week 14: Seahawks at Cardinals on CBS, Bills at Rams on Fox.

Week 15: Jets at Jaguars on Fox, Bengals at Titans on Fox, Steelers at Eagles on Fox.

Week 16: Steelers at Ravens on Fox, Rams at Jets on CBS, Broncos at Chargers on Fox, 49ers at Dolphins on CBS.

Week 17: Raiders at Saints on Fox.