The Summer of Soccer and What To Watch

Usually, the middle of the year is a duller time for sport. The biggest sports in the world, like soccer, start to come to an end as June starts. However, this year we are lucky because the summer is filled with big sporting events, especially with the European Championships taking place. This tournament happens once every 4 years and the last one took place just as covid was coming to an end, so it was affected by a lack of fans. This one is back to how soccer should be enjoyed and will be a big return for this competition after an incredible World Cup campaign in late 2022.

As Americans, we are known for not taking in other sports that are globally loved, with soccer being the prime example. Well if there was ever a time to get involved with the sport, it is now. With the season in Europe slowly coming to an end, it feels like the perfect time for you to turn the TV on and watch a ‘football’ match. If you are very interested, do some research on the best players and the best teams and you can find out some good facts to get a head start.

Where to start 

If you were to ask me where to start, my simple answer would be to watch the upcoming Champions League final. This is the biggest club competition in the world and with the final, it gives you a good time to watch the sport and see if it’s for you. I really love the sport obviously and think that watching the final is a good way to get a foot in the door. One of the best things about soccer is the betting aspect. Some of the most popular bookies like Boylesports make the games even more enjoyable than they offer and offer you a great way to get interested in what is happening.  

Who To Support

The most challenging part of this could be who to support during the European competition. If you have some personal ties to a nation through family or if you have visited countries in Europe and wish to support them because of this then that is your choice.


Who you support is your choice entirely, we believe that having a tie to a nation is a big plus on how you view the tournament, so we implore you to research a little on some nations and find the one you favor and support them throughout their stay.

Players You May Know

As Soccer is such a globally recognized sport certain soccer players are known worldwide. A lot of these players will play in the European Tournament and you will be able to see these players and know a little bit about them. 

Firstly we will start with the biggest European Player who is not in the competition, and that is Erling Haaland, the Norwegian striker and his national teammates failed to qualify for the tournament meaning he will miss out.

However, players like Kylian Mbappe and Cristiano Ronaldo will feature in the tournament. These are two of the biggest players in the world and are playing for some of the best nations the tournament has to offer.

Mbappe has been known as one of the best players in the world for several years and has been the leading force in one of the best French squads of all time. Now onto Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal, another very impressive nation and an even more impressive player. Ronaldo is known as one of the best players of all time and will want to leave a great impression for his, potentially, last-ever National team tournament. 

We do believe that in the summer having a great sporting event to watch for several weeks will be a good thing to spend your time doing, not only does it give you a new hobby but it could get you out of the house and it could even lead to you making new friends. Soccer is a hobby for life and is one of my favorite activities and we think you would enjoy it as much as I do. 

Story originally appeared on Mountain West Wire