Summer League Standouts

Ravi Lulla, Staff
Bluejay Banter

Through two weeks of summer league action, some players have already put on an impressive display. That being said, now seems like a good time for my annual summer league disclaimer: Please take everything you see, hear, or read about summer league with a boulder of salt. The level of competition is uneven and the defense is porous at best. That being said, I believe you still can take away certain things about player's abilities and with the new players, it is nice to see them in a live setting. Without further ado, here are my summer league standouts through the first two weeks:

Khyri Thomas

The junior-to-be has improved every year that I have seen him in summer league, and this year is no different. In week 1 he dropped 39 points in a victory over Ronnie Harrell's team, and in week 2 he helped lead his team back from a massive 25 point deficit at halftime to take the game to overtime and eventually win.

In each of the first two weeks, there came a point where it felt like Khyri Thomas just decided he wasn't losing and imposed his will on the game. It doesn't mean much in summer league, but having a guy with that kind of edge on the roster is essential to having a successful season.

From a more tangible standpoint, Thomas appears to continue to improve his offensive game and diversify the ways in which he can score. He also looks supremely confident in his jump shot, which is a good sign for the Jays.

Davion Mintz

Mintz has only played in one game after missing the first week, but he came ready to impress in week 2. Davion Mintz was super aggressive and confident on the offensive end, showing the ability to score from all three levels. Mintz looked quick and athletic while getting seemingly whatever he wanted offensively.

As a wise man once said, the starting point guard spot won't be determined at the Iowa West Fieldhouse. However, if Mintz continues to show this kind of offensive firepower, it is going to be quite the battle between him and Kaleb Joseph to start at the one spot in November.

Mitchell Ballock

The lefty incoming freshman has range. Like deep range. Like Wragge bomb range. Unlike Wragge though, Ballock brings some ball handling and above-the-rim athleticism to the floor as well. It might be difficult to find minutes at the wing spots with Marcus Foster and Khyri Thomas holding down those spots, along with Ronnie Harrell trying to carve out a role for himself, but Ballock has the physical tools and skill set to be a contributor if he can pick up Coach McDermott's system.

Check back next week for more standouts from Summer League, and as always check out Bluejay Banter on Twitter on Facebook for video highlights of all the action.

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