'The suitcase will be getting packed on Sunday'

Kilmarnock fan's voice graphic

I don't mean to sound like an old broken record but I hated VAR before its arrival in Scotland and I hate it even more now.

The opening 20 minutes at Ibrox on Sunday would drive fans away as a clueless VAR official tried to re-referee the game.

The constant needless stoppages ruined the game and if they thought Joe Wright's handball was deliberate they simply don't understand football.

Sunday wasn't all bad as David Watson won the young player of the year and deservedly so.

He's a credit to the club and to his family, I look forward to following his career when he moves on.

It's another huge game this Saturday as we travel to Paisley. A win or probably even a draw will secure fourth place and that is an excellent effort by all concerned.

Our record against St Mirren recently is superb and I think that will continue. The suitcase will be getting packed on Sunday.

Sandy Armour is editor of the Killie Hippo fanzine

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