Sugar Creek Elementary School performs well in Stock Market Game

Feb. 14—"The stock market game is a simulation of the real stock market where students are given a cash balance of $100,000 at the start of the simulation. They have to invest and maintain their portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds throughout the game," Sugar Creek stock market game mentor Charles Stuart explained.

Out of 516, Stuart had three teams place in the top ten against competitors across Alabama.

First place: Braylyn Dover and Karen Nava

Third place: Griffin Jones and Santos Juarez

Seventh place: Grant Scripps, Michael Livingston, Russell Gordon and Aubree Downs

Winners are determined based on what team has the most equity in their investment choices by the end of a nine-week simulation.

"These students worked really hard to invest in the companies they felt would perform the best over the time period of the simulation. They also had a lot of fun, and they really learned a lot by participating in the Stock Market Game," said Stuart.