Sue Bird jokes about being the same age as her teammate's mom: 'Devastating. Just devastating'

Seattle Storm guard Sue Bird is a seasoned veteran in the WNBA. Bird, who was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2002 draft, just started her 18th season in the league. Over the years, Bird has learned a few things about herself, the latest being how to deal with it when you're the same age as a teammate's mom.

Bird confronted that reality recently, as she found out Mikiah "Kiki" Herbert Harrigan's mom is also 40. Bird had a good sense of humor about that, joking that the news was "devastating."

Bird's response came after she was asked a question about her age. Her full quote read:

"The way I always joke about it is 40 is the new 30. Although, I found out today, oh my gosh, guys, this is just terrible. I found out today that my new teammate, Kiki, her mom is my age. We have the same birthday. Like, she's 40 the same way I'm 40. She was like, 'Oh, don't worry, she's a young mom.' I'm like, 'She's a mom to my teammate.' She's like, 'She's excited to meet you.' It's like, 'Yeah, she probably wants to hang out and get drinks.' We're the same age. That blew my mind.

"But anyway, I do think we're changing the conversation about what it means to be an old athlete or an older athlete because we are taking care of ourselves in a way that allows us to continue to be great."

After finishing her answer, Bird said, "Devastating. Just devastating."

Sue Bird not slowing down with Storm

Bird may be a veteran, but she's still putting up solid numbers across the board. Bird averaged 9.8 points and 5.2 assists in 11 games last season. Those numbers not far off from her career totals since entering the league.

Bird could have retired or left the Storm during the offseason, but decided to return to the team at a lower salary. Bird has addressed questions about her retirement, saying she will retire when she's ready, but doesn't know when that will happen.

With the Storm coming off a championship, Bird will at least see if she can help the team repeat before she thinks about walking away from the game.

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